Questyle Audio at CES 2016

January 6th 2016, Questyle Audio, as the winner of Innovation Award, participated in the CES 2016 held in Las Vegas which began in the year 1967 and has become the largest consumer electronics show in the world.

In Suite 29-317 at Venetian Hotel, Questyle Audio demonstrated the Innovation Award-winning QP1R high-res portable player which has been much anticipated since the mockup was unveiled at the CES last year. Over a year, the QP1R has been finished designing and manufacturing, and it is well received and highly recommended by the media worldwide for its sound quality and elegant appearance. This time, the QP1R was introduced through a video showing people how the Current Mode circuit and True DSD technology are applied in such a small sized player, as well as how the discrete and pure Class A structure are realized and processed, which are also the reason for QP1R to win the CES Innovation Award.

Questyle Audio also displayed an all-in-one unit of entry-level--CMA600i. It carries on the True DSD and precise PCM decoding from CAS192D, supporting DSD64-256 and PCM192-768, as well as the Current Mode Amplification technology from CMA800R. Besides, it is provided with a separate Current Mode pre-amplifier. Moreover, Questyle Audio officially announced the launch of their Air Fidelity system including the 5GHz wireless audio system and the newly released wireless speaker EVO1. T8, a 5GHz wireless transmitter for 8 channels, was unveiled at the Show. R200i, a 5GHz wireless power amplifier, is an upgraded version of the original R200. It supports 8 channels and can be set up with speakers in different locations. It also supports custom setup. During the Show, a pair of R200i were used to drive Focal Scala Utopia speakers. Visitors were surprised at the performance of R200i driving the Focal Utopia.

EVO1, a member of Air Fidelity family, is a portable wireless speaker of bi-amp stereo, with great functionality of supporting Questyle Audio 5GHz wireless audio system, 192k/24bit transmission, AirPlay and DLNA protocols, 4-room independent control, Bluetooth and AUX connection. It has the consistent sound quality of Questyle Audio but is priced less than $500, which is really worth expecting.

The press were amazed by what Questyle Audio has achieved over the year. Chris Martens, chief editor of HIFI PLUS, Jude, founder of HEAD-FI, and Dean Pear, a renowned American musician visited Questyle Audio’s show room and listened the audio systems. They were quite expecting Questyle Audio’s new products. Hosoo, director of Final Audio, and JOJO Hiramatsu, international sales director, interviewed Questyle Audio CEO Jason (Wang Fengshuo) about Questyle Audio’s product line, patented technology and the future development.

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