Questyle Audio QP1R Portable Player Officially Launched in Malaysia

The International AV Show in Malaysia was being ceremoniously held from July 3rd to 5th, 2015. It was the first time for Questyle Audio to take part in the International AV Show and officially launched QP1R portable player in Southeast Asia market, after it was released in Tokyo, Munich and California.


Questyle Audio got much support from Sennheiser at the Show. Questyle mainly presented the performance of QP1R in the state of high gain with Sennheisers flagship products HD800 and HD600. At the same time, QP1R was also well demonstrated in the state of low gain by driving Sennheisers low impedance headphone IE800.



Many audiophiles brought their own headphones for audition and thought highly of the performance of QP1R. At the Show, Questyle also showed their flagship DAC CAS192D, headphone amplifiers CMA800R and CMA800i.


CMA800i DAC with Headphone Amplifier


Questyle’s new portable player QP1R and QP1 draw much attention from audiophiles. The pictures below show that audiophiles are auditioning QP1R with their own headphones and amplifiers. They commented that QP1R brings all potentialities into full play and they got an improved sound with QP1R than ever before.