Questyle Audio New Products Release Conference

On July 21st 2012, together with the close partner Yeller Sound&Vision, Questyle Audio hosted the “New Products Release Conference” at Hall 1 of Yeller HiFi store. The new released products are: CAS192 Digital-to-Analogue Converter,CAS192 Mini Digital-to-Analogue converter and CMA800 Current Mode headphone amplifier.

At the conference, CAS192 was demonstrated as main signal source, working with Gryphon Sonata Allegro pre-amplifier and Antileon Signature Stereo power amplifier, driving Dynaudio Sapphire 30th Anniversary loudspeaker. During the demonstration, the Gryphon Scorpio was used as a CD transport to output signals through Coaxial into CAS192 for pure digital-to-analogue converting. The song played on the system was Rossini’s “String Quartet”. The smooth, natural and perfect sound was highly praised by the audience.  CAS192 is configured with the advanced IIR (MP) digital filter , which eliminates the pre-echo from pulse wave, and brings audience with the most original sound. Besides, CAS192 utilizes the special dual clock integral up-sampling technology, adopts the famous flagship chipset WM8741 of Wolfson and current mode output stage, and all these features perfectly improve the performance of converting from digital to analog, and ensure the satisfying performance. 


In addition, CAS192 has the 192K/24Bit asynchronous USB interface and supports connecting with PC under Windows or IOS. Except utilizing the asynchronous technology to reduce jitter, CAS192 is specially designed with its physical layer and power supply for USB part. At the conference, CAS192 is connected to Macbook Pro computer, playing lossless music files stored in PC. As a result of lossless music, plus its better performance in providing more details, CAS192 easily beats over any CD player. This greatly excites the young music lovers who like listening to music from PC.  

Mr. Patrick Tsang, a famous recording director from Hong Kong, was invited to the conference. He connected CAS192 with his Macbook PC and shared his new record. Patrick made many records for the most famous Chinese singers like Wang Fei (Faye Wong), Sun Nan and so on. He has a strict requirement for each equipment, and he is highly satisfied with CAS192 and uses it as the main monitor DAC in his studio. 

During the conference, the audience was accommodated with the wonderful Canadian Icewine for tasting, which made the conference more pleasant and elegant.