Patrick.Tsang, the recording director is using CAS192

Patrick.Tsang, a recording director is using CAS192 as his recording monitor equipment.

Mr. Patrick is a famous recording director, musician and music producer. When he was 13 years old, he went to England for education. It was also the peak period for analog recording at that time. In 1990, he gained the professional certification of New England Digital in Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts in the USA. He is the first Chinese to use 100kHz digital recording technology to make the music for multi-channel movies and televisions in America, and he is also the first Asian recording director who uses Protools Digital Audio workstation for editing in music production. Many famous actors and actresses who have cooperated with him like Wang Fei (Faye Wong), Sun Nan, Zheng Xiuwen(Sammy), Guo Fucheng (Aaron Kwok), Ye Qianwen (Sally Yeh), Wu Qianlian (Ng Sin-Lin) and Yang Caini (Charlie Yeung), etc.

The following picture shows that Mr. Patrick is choosing Questyle CAS192 as his recording monitor equipment. He said: "As a recording director, I have to work in many studios. Because of the different conditions in different studios, I have to make the variable factors under my control. When I am working, I connect the Questyle’s CAS192 digital-to-analog converter to my Macbook. This CAS192 product has been strictly tested before leaving for the market, and it is very convenient for me to monitor my recordings in different studios as a reliable high-end player.”