Questyle QP2R Initial Launch in Munich Hi-End 2017

First let’s see how hi-end the show is! The world most expensive super sport car Bugatti Veyron shows here!

On May 18, 2017, Questyle initial launched the 2nd generation DAP-QP2R, which you have expected long time in Munich Hi-End show.

Munich Hi-End Show, grand opening!

Well, how people expected Questyle QP2R? Let’s see the live!

Conference at the sence

Honestly, the romantic display made me moved so much!

QP2R directly matched with Questyle’s strategic partner Focal flagship headphone-Utopia. And the audiophile just immersed himself in...

Speaking to QP2R, many people just can’t help being excited. To let people further know the inside structure of QP2R, we just specially made a display box to show it’s inside structure and components.

This is QP2R’s new docking system. You can put QP2R in the docking and connect with a pair of active speakers. Just put this system at your home. And it’s not only beautiful, but also saves space. It really is the combination of music and beauty.

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