Important note: Questyle QP2R V1.0.1 Firmaware Update

Please take your QP2R, open your computer and connect the internet before you read this announcement.

Since the launch of QP2R in May 18, Munich High-End 2017, QP2R is well-known in the world! To provide better experience for users, we officially announce QP2R firmware V1.0.1.


People may say, Questyle is a new brand, and Questyle products are expensive, but no one doubts Questyle’s quality; you may say that Questyle only launches one product a year and half. Yes, we may move slowly, but we never stop. Can’t make perfect, but we try to do better. We don’t have many sources to update new products frequently, but we do listen to our users’ advice, and we do all users’ wanted.

Our hard-work is proved by the result.

Well, what does the firmware update? Please read the instructions:

QP2R V.0.1 Firmware Update:

1. Add the function of "Gapless play", and the default state is "ON", switchable.

2. Add the "Flip function" . The default state is "OFF",switchable.

3. Add the function of "Vibration". The default state is "Standard". You can turn it "Off" or "High" in the menu.

4. Update the volume level from "60" to "120", achieving more accurate volume control.

5. Replace file name by track title under the "Category" menu.

6. Optimize the lyrics display interface.

7. Add the operation instructions and functions of "Touch sensitivity setting" & "Lock back and forward key".

What are you waiting for? Please go to “Download” your firmware! 

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