Questyle had a great success at 2017 Shanghai Book Fair

Sorry for the late news updating , we just came back from Shanghai. Lat week, Questyle attended to 2017 Shanghai Book Fair with new DAP QP2R and DAC with headphone AMP CMA400i.
This time, we got greatly supported from Audio Technica and Sonous Faber Pryma 01 headphones.

Well, what is 2017 Shanghai Book Fair?

2017 Shanghai Book Fair was supported by SAPPRFT (State administration of press, publication, radio, film and television) and Shanghai Government. It was held by Shanghai Municipal propaganda Department and Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau. There were also some publicity media, like Shanghai Television Station, CPC central radio station, and ERC(East Radio Center).

This fair last for one week. The hot weather in Shanghai couldn’t stop people’s reading enthusiasm. People line up so long, and it seems like all people in Shanghai came to the Exhibition Center.

Besides, the most popular activity should be the Guests in this fair, including Yu Minhong, founder of new Oriental, the most famous Calligrapher Pang Zhonghua, even Dong Qing(China central television program host).

Universal Studios
The spot of this Fair should be Universal Studios. This is the first time to add A/V experience for Shanghai government. This Universal studios gathered about 30 Audiovisual mainstream publishing units, like National television corporation, China records Shanghai co. LTD, etc.

Questyle Booth
Questyle booth is in WY-05. There are two listening experience areas, Questyle QP2R/Italian Sonos Faber Pryma 01 headphone and Questyle CMA400i/ Japanese Audio Technica headphones area.

So many people are attracted by Questyle’s QP2R and CMA400i. The old, the young, and the kid. Yes, music has no limitation. It’s been always our expectation to bring happiness to people.

This old man was deeply attracted by this new technology, carefully looking at it and wondering how it sounds so beautiful.

This audiophile came to listen to QP2R with his own earphone.

Questyle big fan came from Jiangsu Province by train, just for listening QP2R, and he also brought his QP1R to compare.

Questyle QP2R and Italian Sonos Faber Pryma01

This match is not the first time to appear in public. Last month, on July 23rd, in Beijing HiFi headphone expo, and 2017 Hong Kong High-end A/V Show, we used this match too. This time, QP2R and Pryma01 showed again, and drawing many people’s attention.

Little guest in 2017 Shanghai Book Fair

All people who have listened QP2R and Pryma01 said they would buy them and they were so excited by their pretty face. Can’t stop sharing on the WeChat moment.

After listening, some people immediately put their buyers show

Buyers Show

Questyle CMA400i and Japanese Audio technica
Have you heard audio technica? Yes, it is audio technica. At this show, audio technica South China brings 12 pairs of headphones to support Questyle, and the Consumer Products Manager of Audio Technica South China was at this show from the begging to the end, answering people’s questions.

They also bring their flagship headphone ATH-W1000Z and sub-flagship ATH-A2000Z.

Central Broadcasting Station female journalist was listening CMA400i and audio technica headphone

Well, some photos here to let you experience this great fair.

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